Styling in Pink


Here are a couple pictures of Tot in the airport coming back from visiting Gigi.  She saw a pink suitcase the same size as her in a Brookstone store and experienced love-at-first-sight.  There was a black one right beside it, but after taking her away numerous times and her trotting right back, it became obvious that only the pink one would do…  After all, it matched her outfit and a girl has to look good you know.



Dear Tot,

Pretty in Pink, that’s our gal.  I would have chosen that one too and now I will recognize you when I see you in the airport in just a couple of weeks.  We all are looking forward to your visit.  You are quite the traveler!

Love, God Gram

P.S. Has Bergylsnorpe taken lessons from the “How to Hug” pictures we went you??


Dear God-guys,

Unfortunately Mom and Dad are not quite the pushovers I had hoped.  Alas, my pretty pink suitcase waits for me at Brookstones until I can persuade them.  I shall have to work harder to train them to wait on me hand and foot.  You will just have to recognize me by my stunning cuteness instead, or there’s always Mom – but she says she’s getting a makeover, whatever that is.  I’ll tell you more tomorrow after her haircut.

As for Bergylsnorpe….  all the training in the world can’t help him…  I think he’s scared of me, cause he usually runs away whenever I come near.  Unless I have some food of course, and then he just circles….  I only wish I could get some critter hugs – I have to hug them instead….

Lots of love and see you soon!!

Tot – A whole lot of cute packed in one tiny tot


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