Jesus’ whereabouts

REPENT!!!  The end must be near!

So, the Godguys got Tot a Fisher Price nativity set for Thanksgiving so she could play with it before Christmas.  Within a few weeks, Jesus went missing.  We thought he might rejoin us for Christmas, but he didn’t.  Then we were convinced he would reappear at Easter – no dice.  We assumed that Barkylsnorpe had made off with Him or Tot had thrown Him in the trash, and thought no more about it.  Then, about a year later….


Jesus has been found.  He was with us all the time (big surprise there).

Any guesses as to where?    And who the culprit was?


A Celebration Note to the Missionaries in the Far East


You will not believe it, but I was just going to check out Fisher Price for a whole new Creche scene so my God Daughter would have a string of extras just in case it happened to another of the feature players.  I just knew he would turn up but she could have been 16! I am putting my money on (I can’t remember her name, the female MOMMY dog) as she just is so NEEDY  Can’t wait to hear. 

Can’t wait to hear the end of the mystery.

Love you guys, Godgram


Oh jeez, if I had seen both your e-mails earlier – I wouldn’t have kept you in suspense so long.

Jesus was hiding in the reeds – I think he was confused about which bible story he was doing….  I took some large plants over to a friend’s house to help her stage it.  One had extra water in it, so I dumped it before I put it in the car….  Low and behold – there was Jesus at the bottom of the planter…  A bit mucky too – what He has to put up with.  I’m going to have to teach Mz Tot to have more respect!

Or maybe it was Barklethorpe after all….  thought tot did like that plant….

Consequently, I think his return has made Bergylsnorpe nervous about his sins, as he has been chewing his tail to pieces.


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