Playmates & Milestones


Dear Tot, (in care of your Mom) because she can read

I have been having a real struggle dealing with Lambert.  He has been so depressed since he was told that your Pop wouldn’t be escorting him personally to your house.  He is beginning to deal with the “box thing” but it is uphill all the way.  I have promised to include lots of treats for him for the long journey and the time it takes for the “box” to arrive at your house.  Acceptance is just around the corner. 

We hope you are having fun and learning something new and exciting every day.  We can’t wait until you come to our house in June and we can play together. 

Lambert will be on his way this week so give him a big hug when he arrives. 

We love you, God gram and God Gramps


Oh my goodness, god guys!!!

A baby brother lamb – I’m so excited, I can’t stand it!

Thank you thank you thank you!

He got here just fine – a little jet lagged but fine.

He didn’t run out of treats or anything….

Can’t write much, gotta play with my buddy.

Tot – A whole lot of cute packed in one tiny tot


Thank you for the wonderful picture.  Happiness is not one of your problems.  You are our happy baby and you love to get in little places.  You will join the grandkids in their love for forts and the making of them. I have one in my familyroom right not that has to stay for the week because Emma was not through with it.  So happy that Lambert arrived in a good mood.  He can be cranky.  Love you guys.  Thanks again for the picture

God Guys


Dear God Girl,

You write such absolutely wonderful, funny, entertaining “Thank You” notes that I just love to send you things just to get them.  Your ONE YEAR Birthday present is on the way the same way Lambert traveled as your Daddy will be at Camp Wasatch on your Birthday and I don’t want you to wait.  Do you think you might sneak into his carry on?  By the way, I have some information to share with you about keeping those sheep in line.  This nose biting can get disgusting!  Just stand in front of them (or lean on something to prop you up if you are not standing yet) and shout really loud BAH RAM YEW…..BAH RAM YEW!  If they don’t respond, have your brother help you.  I have to believe he knows this method. 

Anyway, tell your Daddy to bring pictures and we are looking forward to seeing him in April. 

Love, The God Guys
Hi God Guys!

I CAN stand up, I can!!!    I even took a step yesterday, just one stable step and then I fell.  Then I took two steps, but with the same foot…  This walking thing is tough!  Here’s a picture of me with my loyal subjects.  Though that orange one gets a little touchy once in a while.  Thanks for the tip on Lambert.  I’ll try that out.   He’s been pretty good lately though.  Gotta go – I’ll have mom send more pictures too.

Love you!

Tot – A whole lot of cute packed in one tiny tot



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