Shoes, Hats, accessories and anything pink

Prior to parenthood, you think you have all the power to shape their little lives.  Not so, you learn, once return to DINK-hood is no longer an option.  As a teenager  (since I can’t remember much farther back than that)and through to adulthood, I generally rebelled against being too girly and feminine.  Sophisticated and feminine – fine, but pink and frilly – ewwh.  I had my moments of weakness, but my general self-image or look I was striving for was more the sleek and sophisticated look.  I’m sure no one that knows me would have guessed that, but we all have our blinders on.  My mother tried to persuade me to go frilly with a wedding dress, and I disappointed her greatly.  Anyway, back to my parenthood thang. Prior to her birth, we chose to keep the sex of our little peanut a surprise, so the quilter/artist in me went a little nuts with the colors for her room.  I defy you to find any color missing in there.  With this exposure to color, you wouldn’t think, okay, I wouldn’t think a child would have a preference for any particular color, especially at 12 months old!!  And it’s not just a pink is nice, I like it, preference, it’s a pink, I must have it, addiction. No, no, it’s not genetic!!!   Oh yeah?  Oh, and we women are NOT in control of our need for shoes, hats, accessories or clothes in general either.  Tot adores all of the above, except when she feels the need to run naked about the house after a shower.  (Yes, she loves showers, and baths.)



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