Mr. Tot twitters at my expense….

“I can’t think when you’re distracted”.  Granted I said this while waiting for Blondie to appear in his school play as a fat pink pig on skinny chicken legs (inherited from Mr. Tot) ((hiLARious by the way) and trying to wrest Mr. Tot’s attention from his iphone solitaire game so we could discuss what iphone application he is going to write so I don’t have to go find a job, ummm, I mean, a PAID job.  I said it as a counter to his – “I’m listening”.   Now I know I’m not the only woman out there who has this problem…  I mean, really, Mr Tot and I have this mind-meld thing going on.  It’s only a part-time mind meld, but his going zombie on me really interferes with my thought process.  And I’ll take any excuse I can get to cover my lack of brain function. The great part of all this was that it sent Mr. Tot into a laughing spasm, which sucked me in too.  There we were waiting for the play to start, tittering and twittering away.  And we were tot-free.  It was like being on a date, but better.


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