Lowering the Bar

Today was a good day – I got a nap, albeit in 2 minute bursts between tot-romps, Tot got a nap AND Tot went to bed at a reasonable hour, and I even managed to leave my house in less disorder than it started this morning.  It is just amazing how much disorder gets created in our house.  Isn’t the movie, Beauty and the Beast, the one that has all the kitchen utensils and furniture come to life?  The author must have had a Tot in her life too.  Most small things in my house come to life every chance they get – moving about from room to room, and partying and carrying on.  Some even look like they’re hung over.  Kitchen utensils, cloth napkins, picnic plates, bowls, tv remotes, cupcake booties, plastic containers, dvds, videos, etc all seem to wander around.  We have a huge  eight foot long cabinet with 36 drawers within Tot’s reach so drawer locks just aren’t happening.  We’d have to take out a loan just to finance them.  And that’s just one cabinet.  Of course when the dishwasher detergent made its way into the frig, that was another problem all together.  Our TV remote decided to party somewhere else and disappeared completely.  Or so we thought…  about three months later, it miraculously reappeared.  We’re still not sure where it was hiding, but some mysteries are not meant to be solved.


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