Spring is busting out in fits and starts.

Is it my imagination or did spring get busted? I’ve only been back on the right Coast for 3 springs, and the first I wasn’t really paying attention because I was a little busy, having moved when I was 7 months pregnant with Tot and then, of course she was born, and my level of consciousness was questionable for the next few months. But last Spring was absolutely glorious. This Spring, however, seems to be having trouble. A few brave trees blossomed and then the rains beat the flowers off of them. The azaleas seemed timid with only a few venturing forth until the last few days. There are still a lot that haven’t bloomed yet. They must have gotten traumatized, along with the rest of us, by the roller coaster temperatures with 40° & 50° dips and swings we’ve had all winter. The daffodils seemed less impressive than last year too. Am I just expecting too much of a show? Did I get spoiled by one year’s worth of Spring? I love the East coast because it is soo green. Mr. Tot and his ilk grew up in NM and call NC obscenely green. Bring it on! Saturate those colors to the max!

It was so nice today that I managed to get out in the back yard and clear about 2/3 of it of leaves and weeds. We put a few truck loads of dirt there last fall, but hadn’t gotten around to the grass, so we decided the grass can wait a little longer. Instead we are going to plant a mondo garden, complete with a pumpkin patch, watermelon ghetto, herb suburbs, tomato playground, etc. I am so looking forward to this. Can’t you just picture Tot fending her way through vines and playing king of the pumpkin and gorging herself on strawberries and blueberries, looking patriotic all red and blue?

Tot of course hung out with me in the back yard while I was working and when she wasn’t trying to sneak off, played queen of the dirt pile. She perched on top and started digging and discovered she’s not a worm fan, thought I think they were grubs as they were much uglier and scarier looking than regular pink worms. Tot called them worms. She also thought the little long scaly things from the trees were worms and didn’t like them either. I rescued her from all of them. Which reminds me, her faith in my ability to fix and do things for her is amusing. She called me in to open a door for her – on TV.


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