Tot loves to pick pansies.  Usually she picks a few and I let her.  Today, she picked lots, and I wasn’t so happy about that.  I told her to stop, but she kept picking, so I ran to intervene before all my pansies disappeared.  I regret to say I have never seen her little hands move faster as she went into Turbo mode picking as many pansies as she could before I grabbed her.    I think there are only about 3 sad little pansies left in our yard.  Mr. Tot and our ex-roomies were laughing their tuckuses off at her antics.  I did salvage the remains so I could enjoy them just a little longer.  There were more, but they were too mangled to save. 

No more prancing through the pansies for Mz. Tot, pernicious pansy picker that she is.  The carnage sure is beautiful though…



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