Touched in the Head

Yes, I do think my daughter is touched in the head.  Down here in geriatric-ville, they have live music and dancing in the town center every night.  Now, it is no secret that Mz.Tot loves to dance.  However.  It got a little out of control this evening.  I think there must be secret messages in the country music that only 2 year olds and those reverting to 2 years old can understand and go absolutely nuts over.  Tot repeatedly pulled me out into the dance area and took me in circles endlessly.  After I got too dizzy in nothing flat, I stood still and swapped her hand from one of mine to the other as she went round and round.  I can’t remember the story of LIttle Black Sambo – did he turn a tiger into butter by running circles around him?  Before I melted completely, I first tried to entice her to do some other dance moves, but after my attempts failed miserably, I decided to extract myself from the dance area. Mz.Tot danced on, oblivious to the dangers looming over her.  She nearly gotten taken out several times by enthusiastic seniors, and I was convinced that should she topple over from inner ear overload, she would initiate a 21 senior pile-up ending up with a millennium and a half on top of her.  It was not a pretty sight to contemplate, and I tried to persuade her that she had had enough.  She was having none of that, and struggled like a tot possessed to get back to her frenzied dance.  It was hot and sticky and I had had enough, but removing her from the scene was no simple task.  By the time we managed to leave 20 minutes later, Tot had cooled off in the fountain, done several more dances in various locations and was complimented by a good many of the locals.  While Tot might love to make a routine of this, I have to admit, it was a little spooky to see her sooo obsessed, as though she was part of some cult ritual.   Just a little creepy, but cute and adorable at the same time.  This picture shows just how scary she got!



2 Responses to “Touched in the Head”

  1. 1 Nellie May 14, 2009 at 6:06 am

    someone is having fun!! that’s what it’s about.

  2. 2 Nellie May 14, 2009 at 6:09 am

    she gimmie love, love, love, love CRAZY love.

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