Alien Visitation or Little Elves?

Okay so maybe they’re not aliens, except in the sense that sometimes it’s hard to believe that they’re really MY parents because I can’t seem to keep up with them and they’re my parents.  This is depressing – I can’t keep up with my parents or my Tot – now what?  Though they are one step closer to my grandmother’s generation of self-sufficient-do-it-yourself farmers.  They left at oh-dark-thirty yesterday morning, but there is evidence everywhere of their visit:  crop circles, a mass weed harvesting in our garden, our dining room is like one of those before and after puzzles – everything’s still there, or is it? it looks better but has mostly the same stuff but in slightly different places, our plants have lost that lovely dust-patina, our windows we can actually see through, piles of junk beside the garage did a Houdini act, all our misc junk suddenly squeezes neatly into our puzzle of a garage, our neighbors suddenly seem happier, our doors no longer argue with us about coming and going, and one little Tot is addicted to sprinkles.   And I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few miscellaneous things, because there were so many, and because I always do.  You’d have thought we were visited by little elves in the middle of the night, except it wasn’t the middle of the night, and I had to join in a little bit in order not to feel toooooo guilty.  And no, they don’t hire out, so don’t even ask!  All my friends are, and always have been jealous.  When I lived in California and bought my first house, they came to visit for a month.  They didn’t stop working the entire time except for me to take them out to dinner ONE night.  The very last day of their stay, my dad pounded an 8 foot copper stake into my hard clay yard so I could have 220 volt wiring for a dryer.  It took him a good portion of the day and I think he fell asleep about 10 minutes after he finished.  Did I mention my dad is now 71?  He rocks!  

They came and went, and my house and yard are better for it.  They  were like the WHOOSH of Spring cleaning that I never quite seem to accomplish despite my best attempts.  They are a force of nature, that I have been blessed to enjoy.  Thanks Mom and Dad.


Oh, and one dead frog is in the middle of our walkway — did I mention they left in the dark of night?    


1 Response to “Alien Visitation or Little Elves?”

  1. 1 Mr. Tot June 8, 2009 at 11:20 pm

    The dead frog has been removed and all trace evidence washed away. It will take CSI: Swamp to find evidence of said frog.

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