My Fairy Godmother is coming….

I do not believe in magic pills.  I believe a thin healthy body requires continuous investment of hard work: eating healthy in reasonable portions (which for me is HARD work!!!), and exercizing to stay fit and trim.  Back when I had to lose 30 pounds thanks to the weight gain side effect of a medicine I was on at the time, I learned about the Zone Diet which is more about health than weight – the optimum weight is a happy side effect of optimum health. What’s that you say?  Cheez-its?  Swiss-rolls?  Me?  Never!!!  Okay, yes, yes, and poptarts and brownie mix too. But I build a healthy base of meals for those goodies to sit on top of….  Just because I know what the right path is, doesn’t mean that I ALWAYS follow it.  HOWEVER.  I do try.  As evidenced by 5 and sometimes 6 days of water aerobics per week.  And this last week, I eliminated a crucial part of my food plan….  I can’t even say it out loud…. ack, don’t make me!!    {DESSERT, and all those other goodies too!!!} I actually implemented  the plan I mentioned way back in “Will the REAL me please show myself?” about having herbal tea after dinner instead.  My mandate to Mr.Tot was – Honey, when you get up to get dessert, please ask me what kind of tea I would like, and then offer me 1 bite of your dessert.  But sometimes he doesn’t even HAVE dessert.  Can you IMAGINE???  Things are STRANGE here, TWISTED even!  While I may not be losing weight at any Olympic pace, my pants are a bit more comfortable. And I feel a bit less Heifer-like.  The crazy thing is – I’m in really good shape – I’m not fat – really.  I’m just not anywhere near approximating thin, despite what all my well-meaing friends might say.  (Just ask my doctor or my mother.)  

    So a couple days ago, my doctor’s office left a message saying they had lab results and I needed to call them back.  I had already heard about some lab results, so I wondered if they forgot they called or if these were different tests. So I called and got the list of no-right-choice, followed by the infinite ring.  Oh joy.  Since it was almost five o’clock, I figured I would call the next day. I forgot.  So today, FINALLY, I remembered.  This morning got too busy before my water aerobics class. Then I called at lunchtime, but they were closed.  Then I called again, and the woman I was supposed to talk to was too busy, so they were going to direct another woman to call me back.  When she finally called me back, it was like winning the lottery – for a woman anyway….  Drum roll please.  dadadadadadadadum

   Yes, my thyroid is low.  Woo Hoo!! First of all – It really is a glandular problem, AND I have big bones! REALLY truly, football shoulders. So neither the weight nor the lazing about is my fault, okay maybe a little bit, but not entirely.  Also I get to go on medication. Maybe I’ll have enough energy to get all my tons of projects done!  Oh, the things I could do with my new found energy…  Maybe I’ll lose 10, no 20 pounds, and look hhhHHot!  Maybe it’s that magic pill that I don’t believe in.  OR maybe I’ll just be able to stay awake through the WHOLE Clifford, the Big Red Dog book while I read it to Tot.  That would be good too.  I’ll let you know just how good my fairy godmother is when she arrives in pill form…


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