Healthcare Spending accounts – Were they invented by the devil?

I mean, they seem appealing on the face of it.  Ooooh, save money, gotta love that.  Yeah, right.  They get your money straight from your paycheck and then try every which way to keep it….  Convenience, my keister!!!


To Whom it may concern (at SHPS),  August 3, 2009


Last year, I noticed there was $295.27 left in the account on the statement dated 5/21/08.  On May 31st, in addition to submitting documentation for requested bills needing verification in 2007, I also submitted approximately $300 worth of medical expenses that we had paid for directly, in order to get reimbursed with that ~$300 worth of credit in our account.   I did not hear boo, did not receive a check, did not get a phone call, nothing.  I am still waiting for a check for $295.27.  Seems to me, some type of fraud is going on here.


This year, it has been brought to my attention that many of the bills submitted for Healthcare year 2008, were for medical treatments occurring in 2007.   Given that some medical expenses take a full year or more to go through the insurance process and get the remainder billed to the patient, it seems rather ludicrous to have a system in place that does not take all these issues into account.  In addition, there should be some simple way to verify expenses without putting the employee or his or her family through the ringer in the process.


However, I am hereby submitting medical bills that we paid ourselves for treatments occurring in 2008 that total $1245.77 listed below.  Some combination thereof should replace the bills that were not eligible due to the timeframe of the original treatment or event.  The transactions that I recognize as such are also listed below.  I trust this matter will be resolved with no further expenditure or effort on our part.  You may take up further issues with Sun Microsystem Inc.

Furthermore, I have every intention of voicing my displeasure as publicly as possible, including my online blog, and my state representatives.


This whole system creates such an unbelievably painful process for the user.  Healthcare spending accounts were supposed to save the employee money on medical expenses, but your incarnation can ultimately cost the employee more money than it saves AND incurs untold stress and frustration.  It should be illegal.   I should send SHPS 100% of my medical expenses for treatment needed to recover from dealing with SHPS!!!!


IWith an incredible amount of frustration, 

Yours Truly….


As if my printer were in total sync with me, it couldn’t seem to keep it together to print all the way to the end of the page — it got kind of raspy like it was hoarse from yelling towards the bottom, like it was saying,  ” I feel your pain….”


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