Is it a full moon?

Aha!!  Just looked up the lunar calendar – there will be a full moon tonight!  No wonder everything’s so weird around here.  


– Bergylsnorpe, the DOG, slept off his hangover in the shower this morning.  Mr.Tot inadvertently gave him an overdose of tranquilizers to deal with the thunderstorms yesterday and poor Bergyl could barely stand up…  Of course it wore off by bedtime, and Mr.Tot had to sleep in the closet with him last night when the storms started up again.  Mr.Tot is REALLY loving the critters lately.  (As I write, he’s mucking about in the automatic cat litter box which has not been quite so “AUTO” lately.)


– Sweet, unperturbable Devil Cat turned into a raging banshee panther this morning snarling and hissing to defend her turf – who knew she had THAT in her?


– Tot told Mr.Tot that she needed to stay in bed this morning after sleeping a record 13 hours and asked for her coffee to be served in bed…  Hunh?   (Her “coffee” is milk with Ovaltine)


– And last, but not least was 75° and NO SUN when I came home from water aerobics this morning – woo hoo!!!  A break from the oven.  I don’t expect that to last, but it sure is nice for this Eskimo-under-the-skin.


RedAcessories– Since it wasn’t broiling, we figured it was time to take Pickles in a harness and introduce him to the great outdoors… Turns out, he really is a 10lb dog in a 15lb cat suit as Mr.Tot claimed.  The harness and collar didn’t seem to bother him… much.  The really cool part though was that we totally coordinated.  Never walk your cat unless his harness matches your shoes.  






And a final note, our dining experience this evening came with an awesome view THROUGH the table… 










It was so cute, but the glare made it hard to photograph, so I stuck the camera under the table and shot blind.  It’s my new FAV unedited photo.






P.S.  Forgot a couple of more things….  Mr.Tot did a laying on of hands to the broken dishwasher and it suddenly worked!!!  And we had our first and perhaps only garden harvest.  I had to use the machete to hack my way through the jungle of weeds to get to those few cherry tomatoes and I swear they weren’t there the day before….   Hmm, maybe we should have full moons more often.


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