On the edge again…

Tot is sick, again.  The first couple days, I played it cool.  It started with a fever peaking at 103 in the evenings.  With some medicine, it was gone by morning.  Her temperature would be normal all day and would rise again starting about 5 pm.  And she acts pretty normal while she has the fever.  The couple of days leading up to the fever, she had been fussy, not eating much, being very contrarian.  It almost seemed a relief when the fever appeared – there was a reason for all her behavior and it wasn’t just that she’s two years old.  But then this evening, after being fever free again all day, her behavior ramped up an order of magnitude and she cried for the better part of 2 hours, alternating with wanting Mommy and almost violently pushing me away.  Answers to all questions were immediately NO, occasionally followed immediately by yes.  She wanted nothing but water, and claimed she was in no pain.  And I went specifically through various body parts to try to get some insight as to the cause  of her torment.  She was annoyed.  She clung to me, and figeted constantly.  After a momentary silence, she would just start wailing.  She did this again and again and again.  After 2 hours of crying, her face was swollen, and it was hard to figure out if it was more swollen than it should be for that amount of crying or not.  When the crying finally stopped, I was worn out and relieved.  She also seemed to have some trouble talking, with some of her words being more garbled than usual.  A neighbor tells me that  Hand, Foot and Mouth is going around.  I haven’t checked Tot’s mouth yet since she’s now sleeping, but saw nothing on her hands and feet.  So, of course, I hit the internet.  If her face is really swollen, I’m thinking maybe the Mumps vaccine didn’t take…  She’s already had Roseola, possibly twice.  Many of the other possibilities involve a rash of some sort which hasn’t showed itself yet.  In any case, I’m calling the doctor tomorrow… Enough mystery, time for some detective work from a licensed professional.  


On other fronts, I go back to the sleep clinic again tomorrow night.  My doctor told me my sleep clinic report was one of the more “interesting” ones she has seen, though not conclusive.  Turns out I have Hypopnea, which is possibly triggering some REM sleep disorder (sleep walking and talking).  Hypopnea means I have very shallow breathing.  I don’t stop breathing but the lack of sufficient oxygen does wake me up and screw up my sleep patterns.  You know how they say that lack of sleep can drive you crazy?  Yeah, that’s me.  The study says it’s worse when I sleep on my back, and that I should be careful about gaining weight.  I’m thinking my sleep was messed up 20 years ago when I was 20 pounds lighter, so, hunh?  And my doctor doesn’t think my throat is too fleshy (my words not hers).   It’s also possible that I may need an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist.  My visit to the clinic tomorrow is to investigate if a CPAP (Continuous positive Air Pressure) machine helps.  If it doesn’t, they are going to investigate the possibility that I might have narcolepsy.  So the hunt continues.


As a little experiment of my own, I strapped a tennis ball to my back last night in an effort to stay off my back while I sleep to see if I feel better during the day.  Unfortunately it was a busy night.  Tot woke up and wanted a drink and my company for an hour and a half, ( Let  me tell you – 3 am is not the best time for happy hour!!)  Pickles went a little nuts and his alter-ego, Toonces emerged which drove Bergylsnorpe into bed with us….  Needless to say, I did NOT feel any perkier today than usual.  Excuse me, could we reschedule life to restart next week?  No?  How about tomorrow?  


Concurrently with all this, Mr.Tot is going on week four of non-stop headache.  He called in for a doctor’s appointment and has to wait another 3 weeks!  He is also doing his own little experiment of taking a break from his medicine to see if the headache goes away.  No luck yet – and it’s day five. He’s ready for something more drastic.  He wants me to perform a head-ectomy on him.  Life in our house is tough right now…   


1 Response to “On the edge again…”

  1. 1 Sherri August 12, 2009 at 8:39 am

    I really hate phases like these. It nearly makes one crazy. One good thing – it’s just a phase. I hope it ends soon.

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