Midday in the garden of Good & Evil


There is the ultimate battle being fought in our house:  Chaos versus order or perhaps Kaos versus Control a la Get Smart, Zombie versus Human, Pain versus Pain-free, Devil Cat (wearing the Black fur hat/bodysuit) versus Toonces (in the white fur hat/bodysuit) as they go chasing each other 90 mph around the yard, over cars, under bushes, up the trees.  I almost got a picture of the two of them in a stalemate hanging from either side of a tree trunk.  But alas, it was not to be.

We may have to rename Devil cat “Dr.Evil”, and Pickles – “Good-for-nothing”  THEN when they put on a show, it will truly be a fight between Good and Evil…  simply embodying all of what goes on in our house…

Two cats diverged in the unmowed yard….

Tot claimed the one more socialized.  (with sharper claws)

And that has made all the difference…



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