Too Tired….

Have lots to tell, but too pooped to pop.

The whole crowd is here in Colorado, just south of Aspen to ski, and hang with the grandparents.    Thought I would have lots of time and energy to blog…   HA!    Will leave you with this until tomorrow or so.

Tabor arrives.  She was so excited, she’s been bugging me to go for days.  She lasted until the approach into Eagle airport, then she crashed.  Here she is in the airport while we picked up our 3 tons of luggage.

It has been snowing quite a bit since our arrival.  Day 1, it was 18° so we decided Tot could adjust for a day before skiing.  She practiced her snow angels instead.  Then I discovered her snow overalls were a tad too small, and the snaps had popped, to expose about 3 inches of midriff to the white stuff.  No complaints from the Tot.

This was the pre-bedtime scene – all the critters hanging out on the couch.   See the fuzzy brown one on the pillow?   Today, Tot went skiing for the first time and had a great time!!!   More about that tomorrow, when I have more energy.  Oh wait…  I’m skiing tomorrow.  Scratch that.  Maybe Sunday?


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